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Web Testware is developed with an aim to simplify web automation testing by lowering amount of time and effort needed.

  • Webtestware is codeless automation testing tool. Develop large scale automation test project without writing a single line of code! Web Testware is simple, intuitive. Anybody can get started with it in no time.
  • WebTestware is powerful, extendable, anything required for automated testing of a website is made available.

Following are salient features of Web Testware.

  • WebTestware suggests all possible actions based on the web element selected. This improves overall development productivity by multiple folds.
  • Enterprise features like debugger is included the software. Pause, resume, debug program execution as in when required.
  • WebTestware doesn't requires executions to start from the beginning every-time you make any changes in the project. Make changes in test methods and run to see whether it is working.
  • WebTestware generates comprehensive report for all test executions.
  • WebTestware includes several shortcuts to improve development productivity, thereby lowering amount of time needed in developing test projects.
  • Capture screenshots of browser while running automated test cases.
  • Access database and validate whether content presented in browser matches with database content.
  • You also can write custom code for your automation test project.

WebTestware - FREE

Web Testware is freely available with all its professional features. Free version is typically good enough for large group of users.

  • 99.5% of the features (almost everything) of WebTestware is available at no cost!
  • Suitable for startups, small companies, freelancers etc

WebTestware - Pro

Following additional features that are made available for enterprise customers, at nominal cost.

  • Project is saved in XML format instead of binary. Projects in XML format helps in maintaining test projects in source controls better.
  • Export / Import of any part of project. Useful for sharing project.

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Download latest version of WebTestware here. Download

(No separate build is available for WebTestware-Pro. Apply license to use Pro features)

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