Variable Actions


Action to remove a variable during test execution.

Property Description
Variable Name of the variable to be removed. Make sure that name doesn't start with @.

Use this action to set a variable value. New variable is created if given variable doesn't exists.

Property Description
Variable Name of the variable to be created or updated with a new value.
Value Newly created variable or existing variable is updated with this value.

Use this action to convert type of variable value. WebTestware supports converting values to String, Numeric, DateTime and Boolean.

Property Description
Variable Name of the variable, value of which needs to be converted to the given type.
Value Converts variable’s value to the type set for this property. WebTestware currently supports following types.

String: Convert variable value to string or text type.
Numeric: Convert variable value to a number which can be integer, decimal, float, long.
Boolean: Convert variable type to Boolean value i.e. either true or false.
DateTime: Convert variable value to hold Date, Time information.