Creating First Project

Launch WebTestware by double clicking WebTestware.exe

Expand project menu and click New Project. Select directory where you want to store all project files. All project related files are stored in the directory selected.

Every project needs at least one test class and test method. Right click on Project to add new module. Right click on the new module node to view menu to add test class. Click Test class to add class under selected module. Test class is added with following methods by default under it.

  • Setup method - This is a test method which is executed before executing any other test method.
  • Tear down method - This is a test method which is executed after executing all other test methods under a given test class.

Now right click on Test class and click on menu Test Method to add a new Test Method. Tets class can contain any number of such test methods. Test methods are executed one by one in alphabetical order.

Select a test method newly added. Expand Actions and URL show in the following image.

Now double click Navigate URL. This adds Nagivate URL action under the selected Test method.

Now click on Nagivate URL action, set URL property to a known web page URL as highlighted below.

Expand menu Run and click Start Execution to start project execution. Now WebTestware loads Selenium web driver, starts running test methods one by one.