Using Suggestion Window

WebTestware comes with suggestion window to lower amount of time required in developing automation test projects. Suggestion window shows relevant actions based on the content selected on web page.

Install any XPath Finding extension on your chrome browser which copies XPath of the selected content in web page when clicked. WebTestware automatically loads xPath Finder if already installed on chrome browser.

Note: xPath Finder is not developed by WebTestware team.

Click on xpath finder icon as shown in the following image.

Now when you click on any content on web page, xpath finder copies xpath to clip board.

Suggestion window automatically reads xpath, identifies type of HTML element and shows all relevant actions for it.

Double click on the required action to move that action to selected configurations layout.

Do this for any set of elements you want on the given web page.

Switch to WebTestware, right click on the test method and click on menu Add Selected Configurations to add all actions added under selected actions in suggestion window to the selected test method.

Review properties of all newly added actions and make changes if required.